Hills Capital Management, Inc. is a commodity brokerage and Introducing Broker to PFGBEST, with office headquarters in San Francisco, California. Since formation in 2000 by cofounders Austin Hills and Stan Fisher, Hills Capital Management, Inc. has maintained its focus and mission statement:

“Provide traders with the tools, technology, and training to comfortably incorporate commodities and options trading into their current investment portfolio.”

Hills Capital Management, Inc. is a diversified commodities brokerage firm with an array of products and services. As an Introducing Broker to PFGBEST, Hills Capital Management, Inc. has a global presence with clearing and trade execution capabilities in all global markets.

Hills Capital Management, Inc. offers its clients services such as:

Professional System Monitoring
Clients can rely on knowledgeable and professional Registered Futures Specialists to monitor and execute future and option trading systems on their behalf.

On-line Commodities and Options Order Entry
on one of the most efficient and stable platforms in the industry. Clients have instant, real-time access to market quotes and charts. This is an online trading platform designed for daytrading and scalping (but works just as well for position trading, too), with built-in risk management functions such as frequent account re-margining and account buying power checks prior to trade entry.

Online Paper Trading
on the same platform as real trading is done, with real-time quotes and charts and the same functionality as if you were using real money. This includes keeping track of trade history, and trade profit and loss. Many people find futures trading to be very different than stock investing. Online paper trading allows you to figure out how to do it properly, before you commit money to the markets. Please select the ‘Oak II Trading Platform’ menu item to the left of your screen.

Asset Diversification
For those who find commodity or option trading to be useful for portfolio diversification, Hills Capital Management, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to assist in developing a plan using futures and options. Our trading systems are based upon the principles of strict money management and risk management.

Personalized Trading Assistance
Work directly with a broker to execute your instructions and orders in the futures markets around the globe. Receive access to daily market commentary and trade recommendations via our website.

Free Client Services
Real-time quotes, real-time charts, market research, ebook downloads, trading training and much more are available.

Daily fax/email service
Active traders can receive free market research, market news updates, quotes and charts via fax and/or email.

Custom-tailored Client Service and Commission plans
Depending upon trader experience, activity, and needs. As clients become more experienced and independent in their trading, their commission charges will naturally drop. More active clients and those with larger accounts experience reduced commissions.

Trade in the markets of your choice
including the currency markets, metals, agriculturals, softs, and the stock index markets (DOW, S&P, NASDAQ, Russell, etc.).